Summary of Alien Shooter cheat codes and the most detailed way to enter

Alien Shooter is a legendary shooting game released since 2003. Refer to the following article to summarize for you the most complete Alien Shooter cheat codes to help you easily pass the levels in the game.
Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter

I. Game Information 

Alien Shooter is a 2D shooting game with 2 main parts, Alien Shooter 1 and Alien Shooter 2: Vengeance. This is one of the first generation action role – playing games. Alien’s story revolves around the main character’s defense of the earth, against a threat from space – invading alien monsters.

II. How to enter the Alien Shooter cheat code 

Entering the game cheat code is quite simple, just enter the correct code during the game to activate.

However, the codes below are divided into two types: one that will be entered directly while fighting in the game , the other is a resource cheat code, which can only be entered while in the shop .

How to enter the Alien Shooter cheat code 

How to enter the Alien Shooter cheat code 

III. Alien Shooter cheat codes

1. Alien Shooter 1 cheat code

Command while playing

  • cheath: Immortal command, never lose health.
  • cheat: Pass the game screen immediately.
  • cheatw: Unlock and own all weapons in the game.
  • cheata: +1000 bullets

Orders to buy items in the store

  • cheatm: +50,00000 gold.
  • cheata: Get 1000 more bullets
  • cheatf: Own Flashlight.
  • cheatw: Possess all weapons
  • cheath: + 1000 extra HP (health)
  • cheats: Characters run faster.
  • cheat: Complete the level.
Alien Shooter 1

Alien Shooter 1

2. Alien Shooter 2: Vengeance 2 cheat codes

Command while playing

  • st1: Instantly gain 15,000 HP (health).
  • st2: Immortal command, never losing health.
  • stammo: Equip the character with additional armor.
  • ammomax: Increases ammo capacity.
  • allweapons: Using this command you will have all weapons.
  • stexp or cheatexp: Increase experience to level up faster.
  • stkk: Kill all monsters within 1000 pixels from the character.
  • stk9: Destroy all monsters on the map.
  • remgamma: This command will move you to the next level immediately.
  • stwnn: This command will help you complete all levels, to end the game.

Orders to buy items in the store

  • cheath: Instantly gain 1000 HP (health).
  • stgod: Using this command will increase each stat up to 100 points, along with 50,000 gold
  • cheats: +50 speed skills.
  • cheatw: +100 bullets for each gun (the gun you own).
  • stmus[x]: Select song number x.
  • stmusstop: Command to turn off the music.
  • stm or cheatm : +10,000 gold.
  • stshop: This command will show all items in the Shop.
  • stat: Enable/disable current stats.
Alien Shooter 2 cheat codes

Alien Shooter 2 cheat codes

Hopefully with the above codes will help you have a good time playing games with friends and relatives. If you have any additional code, please leave a comment!

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