Code, cheat command CS 1.6 and the most detailed way to enter

To make the game Counter Strike simpler, knowing the code is extremely necessary. In the following article, I will summarize the CS 1.6 code, cheat code in the most complete and detailed way, let’s follow along!
The most detailed set of codes and cheat codes for CS 1.6

The most detailed set of codes and cheat codes for CS 1.6

I. Introduction of CS 1.6 . codes

CS 1.6 codes are divided into 5 main categories including:

  • Code for the server.
  • The code starts with MP.
  • Client code.
  • Gun code.
  • Quick item purchase codes and other codes.

To use the script, press the ~ key on your keyboard to open the Console, type sv_cheats 1 and press Enter then paste the code you want and press Submit

II. Detailed set of CS 1.6 cheat codes and commands

1. Server Code

Command code Uses
sv_aim 0 Used for sniper rifles such as Scount, Awp, SG550… used for beginners to shoot sniper rifles when allowing the reticle to automatically follow the target within a certain range.
Sv_accelerate 5 Increases movement speed underwater when playing maps with ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.
Sv_airacecelerate 10 Move faster than normal speed. You can adjust the speed by replacing 10 with an optional number.
Sv_airmove 10 Adjust the airspeed. You can adjust the speed by replacing 10 with an optional number.
Sv_cheat 1 Enable Cheat Code mode. The mode allows you to enter game intervention codes such as money codes, high jumps, wall climbing.
Sv_restart 1 Restart the game, apply to the server.
Sv_stepsize 999999 Wall climbing code, you can set to 0 to return to normal.
Sv_skycolor r 9 Change the character color to red when outdoors.
Sv_skycolor r 99 Same code as above, but different color correction.
Sv_skycolor r 999 Same code as above, but different color correction.
Sv_skycolor bl 9 Code to change color blue.
Sv_skycolor bl 99 Same code as above, but different color correction.
Sv_skycolor bl 999 Same code as above, but different color correction.
Sv_skycolor gre 9 Green change code.
Sv_skycolor gre 99 Same code as above, but different color correction.
Sv_skycolor goes 999 Same code as above, but different color correction.
Sv_fiction [999999999999″> The code goes fast for 4 seconds, then goes back to normal, giving you the advantage at the start and taking the market faster.
Sv_restartround 0 Restart the server, the stats are basically set.
Sv_spectatormaxspeed Adjusted the speed of walking around the map, applied to spectators – people with dead roles or not on a team at all.
Sv_stopspeed The code stops fast, doesn’t miss the momentum, adjusts the speed again.
Sv_maxspeed Increases maximum movement speed.
Sv_waterraccelerate Increases underwater movement speed, combined with “;” key to swim.
Sv_sendvelocity 0 The code helps improve game quality for low-end devices to avoid lag.
sv_password generate a password for the Counter Strike server.
Sv_timeout 60/0 Within 60 seconds will activate all players in the room.
Sv_lan 1 Allow LAN connection in the same system.
Sv_gravity (-999 to 9999) The code flies, the smaller the index, the higher it flies, more precisely this is the gravity code, when in the force of 0 you will always be floating in the sky. Normal level is 800.
Sv_clienttrace 1 Accurate firing command, also known as chasing bullet code, at 9999 you just need to raise your gun to the sky in the Deathmatch screen.
Sv_failuretime 0.5 Adjust the preparation time before entering each game, you have more time to equip weapons before moving. This Counter Strike code restricts the use of a quick gun purchase code and takes a good position.
Sv_waterfriction 1 Improved underwater movement speed.
sv_challengetime 15 Increase game time per game in Counter Strike.
Sv_zmax 4096/00 See through walls when set to 3D screen mode.
Sv_skyname Name Sky.
Sv_maxvelocity 2000 Helps move faster.

2. Codes starting with MP

Command code Uses
Mp_startmoney 800 Gets you a start from $800 to a maximum of $16000.
Mp_logdetail 1 Help you distinguish the enemy or us, if it is the enemy when shooting, a red dot will appear in the hot gun and vice versa.
Mp_fadetoblack 1 Code against “spectators” or other dead players scanning for teammates. When you die you can only sit still with a black screen.
Mp_buytime 1.5 Set the time to buy weapons, avoid the bomb trade, 1.5 for 90 seconds.
Mp_winlimit 0 Set the maximum number of wins per game, if it is 10, the team that wins 10 matches first will win.
Mp_limitteams 2 Adjust the number of players allowed to join on each side.
Mp_autokick 1 Automatically click players with poor network quality, low configuration causing lag.
Mp_autoteambalance 1 Automatically balance the number of players in each team.
Mp_chasecam 1 Set chasecam mode, follow teammates after death.
Mp_c4timer Adjust the time the bomb explodes from when placed in maps like Dust, the default is 45 seconds, you can adjust it to 90 seconds.
Mp_freezetime 6 In Half life versions, this code is set at 0, while in Counter Strike it is allowed to default to 6, setting the dwell time at the beginning of each game.
Mp_roundtime Adjust the time in each game, if set to 3, it means 3 minutes for each game screen.
Mp_friendlyfire 0 Allows damage to allies, if intentionally will be hit, 0 is off and 1 is active.
Mp_timelimit 4 Maximum time of each game.
Mp_maxrounds 10 Set the number of rounds for each game network creation.
Mp_footsteps 1 Set the sound for footsteps, which you can hear depending on the distance.
Mp_flashlight 0/1 Turn on and off the flashlight mode, in addition, you can press F to set it up separately.
Mp_hostagepenalty 1/0 Turn off the mode of deducting money when you shoot a hostage, effective for all players. If you turn off this mode, you can completely take out the hostages as a cannon fodder at will.
Mp_logmessages 0/1 Can’t chat while dead.
Mp_forcechasecam 0/1/2 When you die, you can only see your teammates.
Mp_chattime 10 Time allows chatting with each other, this Counter Strike code helps limit spam from negative, toxic players.
Mp_weaponstay 0 This Counter Strike code helps you to have full ammunition when picking up a gun, regardless of whether the gun is fully loaded or not.

3. Client Code

Command code Uses
Cl_observercrosshair 1 Toggle Crosshair mode.
Cl_hidefrags 1 Hide or show Kill/Death stats or press Tab.
Cl_gg Turn off Gaube game mode.
Cl_himodels 0/1 Toggle the Higher Models view.
Cl_yawspeed 210 Fast movement code in Counter Strike.
Cl_upspeed 320 Climbing ladders will be faster.
Cl_movespeedkey 0.3 Key sensitivity.
Cl_anglespeedkey 0.67 Speed ​​up receiving commands from keys.
Cl_gratestimation 1 Increase the sound of footsteps.
Cl_rol [tab] 3 The code goes sideways.
Cl_client [tab] 999 Press the Tab key so it shows the full code name.
Cl_sidespeed x Set a faster cross movement speed.
Cl_forwardspeed x Set a faster forward movement speed.
Cl_backwardspeed x Set the speed to move back and forth faster.

4. Quick gun purchase code

Note: These codes help you to have that gun, so you must activate the code Sv_Cheats 1 before using these codes.

Command code Type of gun
Give weapon_aug Steyr Aug
Give weapon_p288 SIG p288
Give weapon_scout Scout
Give weapon_m249 For
Give weapon_mp5navy MP5
Give weapon_mac 10 MAC-10
Give weapon_m3 M3 Super Shotgun
Give weapon_g3sg1 H&K Sniper Rifle
Give weapon_glock18 Glock 18 pistol
Give weapon_p90 Fn P90
Give weapon_elite Dual Caps
Give weapon_deagle Desert Eagle
Give weapon_sg552 Commando
Give weapon_xm1014 Benelli xm1014
Give weapon_ak47 IF 47
Give spaceweapon_awp Arctic Sniper Rifle
Give weapon_flashbang Flashbang
Give weapon_hegrenade HE Grenade
Give weapon_smokegrenade Smoke grenade
Give weapon_awp Arctic
Give weapon_sig550 SIG 550
Give weapon_ump45 Ump.45
Give weapon_usp Cf.45
Give weapon_kevlar Kevlar Vest
Give weapon_nightvision Nightvision goggles

5. Quick equipment purchase code

Command code Uses
Bind E “setinfo lefthand 1” Change the gun to the left hand, press the E key to turn it on and off.
Bind R “setinfo lefthand 0” Switch the gun to the right hand.
Bind E “menuselect x”, x=1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8 Buy very quickly armor, guns, grenades with just a single key, here is the E key and you can change to other keys.
Bind i “crosshair 0” Turn on or off the Crosshair mode.
Bind p “gl_zmax 0/1460” Use the 3D screen to see through the wall.
Bind e”chooseteam;buy menuselect 6;buy menuselect 1″ Immortal code, dies and comes back to life after 5 seconds.

6. Other Codes

Command code Uses
Skill 1 Kill/Kill 1 player.
Hud_centerid 0/1 Show IP view, you can customize it on and off.
Notarget 00 Code removes the red dot when firing and your body will not light up.
Sidedown/Sideup Decrease/increase screen magnification.
Bind Quick purchase code, see more above.
Ghost 0/1 Death View.
Max_shell Full armor at the start of the match.
Max_smokepuffs Exhale smoke in snow maps.
Fastspiters x x: 0 = evenly blind; 1 = normal; 2 = blind. Visibility can be observed when using blind bombs.
Net_adress See the IP address that is entering your network.
Togglebrower Pause the game and find another game.
Status View the full parameters of the player.
Time Playtime from start to finish.
Timerefresh Refresh all the time.
Add Add a new player, this code combines with the Bot to add the machine to the game screen.
+graph, -graph Heart rate code, electrocardiogram. 
Zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1.2 Code to adjust the sensitivity when aiming.
Password Set anti-Retry and Reconnect password.
Escape Exit the Server.
Echo Create echo.
Drawradar Command to use radar.
Dideradar Cancel using radar.
Cancalselect Exit the Console.
Force_centerview Increase screen size.
Firstperson and thirdperson Observation mode when dead.
+/-reload Fast reload gun.
+/- duck To sit.
+/-jump Leap.
+/-speed Go speed.
+/- moveleft Automatically go left.
+/-moveright Automatically go right.
+/-lockdown Automatically look down.
+/-lookup Look straight up.
+/- camyawright The technique deviates to the right.
+/- camyawleft The technique deviates to the left.
+/-showscores Show list of players.
+/- score Show list of players.
+/- speed Walk slowly.
+/- penalty Do not adjust the mouse up and down.
+/-back Automatic reverse.
+/-forward Automatically advance.
+/-right Automatically right.
+/-left Auto left.
Flush View mode from top to bottom.
Patch Check what drive the game is on.
Shutdownserver Exit the Server.
Soundfade Sound off.
Version See which version you are playing.
Say Talk in general.
Say_team Talk to teammates.
Tell Talk.
Pause Stop playing Server.
Save Save demo.
Autosave Auto save demo.
Start Demos Start watching the demo.
Demos + name Launch the demo.
Stopdemo Stop demo.
Mcache See the specifications.
Escape Exit the Console.
Toggleconsole Exit the Console.
Dideconsole Exit the Console.
Messagemode = say Talk.
Messagemode2 = say_team Talk to teammates.
Maxplayer See the maximum number of players.
Sideup Increase the screen.
Sidedown Reduce the screen
gammadir View current directory.
Connect Connect to Servers.
Stop Stop the demo
Playdemo See demo.
Removedemo Remove demo.
Starmovie Launch the demo.
Endmovie Close the demo.
Stopsound Sound off.
Pingserver View the server’s ping.
Suitvolume 0.25 Adjust volume.
Sensitivity 5.7 Adjust mouse sensitivity
D_mipcap 0 3D screen.
D_mipcaple 0/10 3D screen.
Lefthand (default 1) Hand.
Name “name” Code to rename your character.
Exit Exit.
Quit Exit.
Users See the number of players.
Adjust_crosshair Change the color of the scope.
Con_color 256 256 256 Change Hud color.
Timeleft Time to exit the map.
Ping See the ping number.
Impulse 101 Money code, want to use must activate sv_cheat 1.
Impulse 99 On the right corner of the screen there is a Sierra Logo, this code is a bit difficult to edit, enter about 6, 7 times.
Impulse 195 Click all AIs.
Impulse 102 Code toss bones.
D (ta); 3 Click the server.
Volume 1 Adjust the sound volume of the speaker.
Lightgamma 2.5, ambret-1.001, gamma 99, bright(tab)99 Light code.
Restart Restart the Server.
Map + map name Floor change code.
Changlelevel Floor change code.
Crosshair Use the barrel or not.
God Turn on God mode.
Noclip Bring the box.
Kick + name Click someone out of your server.
Hostname Name the server.
Hostkill Exit the Server.
Kill server Exit the Server.
Retry Exit and come back.
Skin + skin name Change player shape.

Above is the article that summarizes the most detailed CS 1.6 code and cheat code. Hope the article will help you have more wonderful moments of this game experience! Good luck!

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