Code Art of Conquest LATEST 2022: How to enter and receive code

Coming to the Art of Conquest game, you will participate in thrilling battles with monsters and enemies, constantly expanding your territory and protecting the peace of the people living in your kingdom. To help you become stronger, this article will guide you to enter the Art of Conquest code with the latest code. Let’s follow along

LATEST Code Art of Conquest

Latest Code Art of Conquest

I. What is Code Art of Conquest?

Code Art of Conquest are gift codes that come with gifts, when entering the code into the system, players will receive gifts corresponding to the event organized by the publisher.

Where to get the latest code in the game?

In this article, I updated the Art of Conquest code in part II, you can follow it regularly to receive information. 

Also you can Follow the game Facebook page:

How to enter the Art of Conquest code?

In this article, in part III, I have detailed instructions on how to enter the Art of Conquest code you can follow.

How long does Code Art of Conquest last?

Depending on the event, the code will have a different usage time, so when you have the code you need to enter it immediately to receive the gift.

II. Code synthesis

Code was last updated and checked on 11/17/2021 .

Code Status
wijbw3jw3x New
wid6sjs232 New
wi4uhnnn8y New
gyy973zwm8 Expire
gyxkb3btht Expire
gyqye532m9 Expire
Gya5zfk4ny Expire
gyqye532m9 Expire
gyxkb3btht Expire
gy2mm5v32j Expire
gybthgxs54 Expire
g7nsk2jsjb Expire
ftq4xw3zae Expire
ft28yafxch Expire
f4cn7ikdyn Expire
g76qdc2ue6 Expire
ftpsixa38y Expire
g7e2n49rgk Expire
ftfy97ciac Expire
fmnnrzyise Expire
fmbmz8bn6y Expire
fm5hcucm7v Expire
fmp3cp2c76 Expire
fmw6z47wjg Expire
fmmcz2bkan Expire
fm35dcqjrs Expire
f4avmuncs7 Expire
fm72j3yauv Expire
f4bn2u2cig Expire
f4x65ka52w Expire
f4j8gn9d8u Expire
f4aq5zche2 Expire
f44qcntqei Expire
f45cdnjkef Expire
f4xdn4ig4u Expire
eech5tmce6 Expire
eee3m9uzg9 Expire
ee6g55jp28 Expire
eeb637hr5r Expire
eea4sn9ywn Expire
eeefmeiybb Expire
eeearmy68m Expire
Dmkc6ptm39 Expire
dmygk9cvuc Expire
eeziwaztp2 Expire
dmm3kaf7fv Expire
dmp7ga8ykj Expire
dmskq95zwn Expire
dmr4u4k9us Expire
dmahgs67pt Expire

III. How to enter the Art of Conquest code

1. Quick Guide

Go to the Art of Conquest game and click on the game avatar in the upper left corner of the screen > Select Options > Select Redeems > Enter code > Click OK .

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Go to the Art of Conquest game and click on the game avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. 

Click the avatar icon

Click the avatar icon

Step 2: Click on Options and select Redeem .

Select the code entry

Select the code entry

Step 3: Enter the code you have and click OK .

Enter the code

Enter the code

Thus, you have successfully entered the code.

Successfully received gifts

Successfully received gifts

See more:

Hope the article will help you get and enter the Art of Conquest code quickly. If you have difficulty in operation, please leave a comment below this article. Good luck!

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