Workout Timer for HIIT and Tabata training 1.0 Apk for Android

The description of Workout Timer for HIIT and Tabata training

Our Interval timer for HIIT & Tabata training is a simple but efficient timer for accompanying you on your working out journey. Beginners will enjoy its intuitive interface with which you can start a workout in just one tap. Advanced users will appreciate the ability to fine-tune their interval workouts to fit their needs.

Our reliable and customizable timer for interval training will help you keep track of your exercising and rest periods during Tabata, HIIT, and other types of interval workouts. Our timer makes it easier than ever to follow your workout routines and is excellent for different types of fitness activities, especially if you:

- perform exercises with weights,
- do bodyweight workouts, Crossfit, 7-minute workouts,
- are a fan of HIIT or Tabata interval training,
- do boxing or other martial arts,
- do stretching,
- need a stopwatch for your yoga and meditation sessions.

With our workout timer, you can track exercises like push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, plank, and others. You can use it for your workouts or circuit training in the gym, as well as at home, during your at-home training sessions.

Key features of our Interval timer for HIIT & Tabata training:

- Customizable sets, countdown, workout and rest times for your workout needs
- Very intuitive interface. After installing this HIIT timer you need to press just one button to start an interval workout with classic settings
- Intervals can be configured individually. With this interval training timer, you can follow any workout with any sequence of intervals
- Most importantly, we don’t show any ads in the app and don’t ask you for unnecessary permissions and personal information

Add as many intervals as you wish to your exercising routines. Designed mainly as an interval timer / HIIT and Tabata timer, our app gives you the flexibility to easily follow workouts that will be perfect for you!

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