Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Banjo & more | DaTuner (PRO) 3.300 Apk for Android

The description of Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Banjo & more | DaTuner

With over 10M installs and 4.4(☆☆☆☆☆) stars rating on Google Play, we are proud to present -
Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Banjo & more | DaTuner

DaTuner is an all-purpose, precise and responsive chromatic tuner app for Android with a simple interface. Rather than focusing on fancy graphics assets, we made it fast and easy to use!

♫🎼Download Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Banjo & more | DaTuner now and may the tuning begin!🎼♫

♭♭ No dead zone - screen changes to green when tuning is good.
♯♯ Auto-Sensitivity - no configuration required.
♭♭ Bright, easy-to-read display
♯♯ Quick, accurate and precise
♭♭ Screen lock - Lock to the note you want to tune, even if extremely out of tune and make your way up/down to it.
♯♯ Filter lock - Lock and filter to a specific note and filter out everything outside that note's range.
♭♭ Reference frequency adjustment for orchestra tuning, adjustable manually or by letting the app listen to another reference.
♯♯ Multiple instrument options - and more to come!
♭♭ Choice of colors for ♯sharp/♭flat/in-tune
♯♯ Sample rate range 8kHz - 48kHz.
♭♭ From beginner to expert musician the ultimate chromatic DaTuner makes tuning easy for everyone!

♫🎼Stop playing out of tune! Download Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Banjo & more | DaTuner now and make sure you always play in the correct pitch🎼♫

Features in the PRO version [Can be unlocked in this app]♮♮ [PRO] REAL strobe tuner display, with up to 4 overtones!
♮♮ [PRO] Transposition!
♮♮ [PRO] Temperaments! You can modify the ones that exist or add your own using a text editor. The temperaments are saved on your external memory under the /DaTuner directory.
♮♮ [PRO] Notation (ie Solfége, English, English sharp, English flat, Northern European.) Customization of these will be possible in a future upgrade.
♮♮ [PRO] Pitch pipe with multiple harmonics, so it is audible even when playing low tones.
♮♮ [PRO] Accelerated tuning algorithm.

What Android Central had to say about us:

"For the Android-loving musician, I think DaTuner Pro is easily the best tuner you can have on your device. I used to give that title to *see review!*, but DaTuner has proven to be so powerful, easy to use, and accurate, it'd be foolish to not use it."

♫🎼What are you waiting for?! Download Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Banjo & more | DaTuner now and give your instrument the care it deserves!🎼♫

🎸 Guitar
🎸 Bass
🪕 Banjo
🎻 Violin
🎹 Piano
🎷 Saxophone
🎶 Ukelele
🎶 Mandolin
🎶 Harp
🎶 Harmonica
🎶 Kazoo
🎶 Ducati timing belt
Much more!

DaTuner is for everyone!
With easy to use interface and a variety of adjustable features, DaTuner is the ultimate tuner for nearly all instruments. Whether you’re a professional musician, or just a beginner starting to learn how to play a new instrument, DaTuner is the best option for you!

DaTuner's display is easy to read
Nearest note and octave is displayed in a giant, easy to read font, and frequency in hertz plus error in cents is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Sensitivity is auto-adjusted, but can also be adjusted by touch via a bar on the left-hand side of the screen, and the speed/accuracy of the algorithm and the relative frequency can be adjusted via the configuration menu.

No Dead Zone
There is no "dead zone" with this tuner app as is the case with many other apps. Instead, the whole display turns green when the incoming frequency is within a configurable range of the target frequency and you can still see changes in pitch even the "in-range" area. Both the "in-tune" range and the colours shown for sharp and flat can be configured.

Not worth five stars? Please ensure to leave a comment with your rating so we can fix it! Thanks!

What's news

In this update, we optimized loading time to make the app quicker to access. We also added support for 2 additional languages - Korean and Japanese. Let us know how we did!

Download Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Banjo & more | DaTuner mod apk

Download apk - 17 MB

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