SymbiOSis – Volume Slider 1.2 Apk for Android

The description of SymbiOSis - Volume Slider

In biology, Symbiosis is a relationship between two types of animal or plant in which each provides for the other the conditions necessary for its continued existence.

In SymbiOSis, there is a relationship between two opposite operative systems to offer a totally new experience on your device. Thanks to this app, in fact, you can try the brand new iOS 13 volume slider (still under beta testing on Apple devices) right now on your Android device.

SymbiOSis offers the most similar user experience, thanks to an intensive development, and much more: you can choose the side where the slider have to appear, the vertical position from bottom to top and also choose if show it using volume keys or with a swipe!

Clicking several times on volume keys, slider will reduce its width, and if you want to change the volume manually, just drag the slider, just like on iOS!

That's not all, you call also expand the slider to a full-display size, adding two useful buttons to change ring mode or go to the Sound Settings page of your device.

Other features, well known for users have already used my other apps, are:
- Vibration, to let the device vibrate when swipe is enough to show the slider;
- Start After Boot, to let the device starts automatically SymbiOSis on start-up;
- Lockscreen, only until device running Android 7.0 (not for newer versions);
- Blacklist Applications, to don't let SymbiOSis show up on some applications, like Instagram or WhatsApp, apps which use custom volume slider.

Thanks to Flutter, the app is designed just like an iOS one and the cherry on the cake is the DarkMode, spread throughout the app and to the expanded slider too, where the two buttons will show an appropriate background.


To report bugs, send suggestions or ask refund, contact @AleCotBot πŸ€–
For any other info contact me @AleCot18 πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»
Bugs list πŸ›
Suggestions list πŸ’‘

What's news

- Improved animation speed;
- Improved vertical position slider in Settings;
- Improved volume slider in expanded view;
- Swipe wave now show a proper background based on DarkMode.

Download SymbiOSis - Volume Slider mod apk

Download apk - 13 MB

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