Soroush Messenger Plus 4.5.4 Apk for Android

soroush messenger android cover

The description of Soroush Plus messenger

Soroush Plus is a new version of Soroush messenger, with features such as video calling, movie and music playback, useful bots, global searches on chats, groups and channels, the ability to pin messages, cloud storage and secure payment services.These features, along with other features provided to users, have turned Soroush Plus into a special and advanced messenger.Download Soroush plus and be ready for surprise!

video call
One of the most important successes of Soroush Plus is the "video call". In Soroush Plus, you can make a call to your contacts and friends. High-definition audio and video, security and easy interface, are the features of Soroush Plus video calling.

New and varied features
Soroush Plus is an advanced messenger. Features such as message pinning, management of multiple accounts, the ability to watch videos before downloading, cloud storage of information and a showcase of a variety of entertainment options is only part of Soroush Plus's features that take you hours to engage yourself.

Free voice calling
Voice call on Soroush Plus is almost free! Since Internet usage tariffs are calculated one-third, you can contact and speak with friends and relatives free of charge with the help of Soroush Plus.

Unlimited cloud space
No matter what size your files are. It's important that you can upload your files massively using Soroush Plus, unlimited. You can also save your files to the Soroush cloud so that you can easily access them anywhere.

Trust in the Soroush Plus family is priced and it's only honest. Privacy and security of your information is important to us, and we will not hesitate to try to improve the service in this area.

Support system
Soroush Plus messenger for support and communication with you Dear users have opened all the ways to make communication to all users at the height of ease.
You can contact us at [email protected] or on the @support channel in the Soroush Plus messenger.

What's news

  • Add the ability to skip to the first message
  • Add the possibility of "reset" in the showcase and postman page
  • Add "Showcase Reset" option in settings
  • Fixed a profile sharing issue
  • Fix user blocking problem
  • Significant increase in upload and download speeds
  • Ability to update the showcase
  • Modify the display size of photos and videos in the postman
  • Ability to save GIF in local memory and send it
  • Ability to delete contacts
  • Improved username display
  • Improved photo display
  • Improved music player and contacts
  • Improved display of messages after entering the channel
  • Improved market year survey of channels
  • Improved display of pages after search
  • Improved file download after marketing
  • Fixed the problem of declining account photo quality
  • Fixed an issue displaying deleted conversations
  • Fixed the problem of not displaying the postman after entering the program
  • Fixed a problem with repeating messages in groups
  • And fix some minor problems
  • Download Soroush Plus messenger Mod Apk

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