Smart Finder 1.591SF Apk for Android

The description of Smart Finder

Smart Finder is a powerful universal search for Android devices. It is supported by all the launchers which supports widget.It helps you search apps call or message (SMS or even Whatsapp) contactssearch videos and other files including your settings.

Smart finder is a universal searching app which scans your entire device for your searched term and shows useful and meaningful results to you.

Use the Smart Finder universal search widget to place in your home screen and easily do your tasks.

Type on the search bar and it will list out all the following for the query:
★ Apps if any installed
★ Contacts with same or similar phone numbers or names
★ Relevant Music files
★ Relevant Video files
★ Relevant Files
★ Suggestions to search in.
★ Easily open it by long pressing HOME button for faster access.

You can also set this application as your "assist app" - (which gets triggered by long pressing the HOME Button) by going into the application settings.

Smart Finder searches through your huge storage smartly for relevant files only.You can also search for specific file types by typing the extension in the search bar.

Main Features of the app:-

★ Launch apps faster
Type a portion of the app name and all the relevant apps will be shown. Click on the app to launch it or long click to open app options.

★ Universal search
Searches your entire device for contactsfiles or even settings.

★ Advance File Search
Search for media or any other files on the go with our fast and smart scanning technique.OpenShare or view the files directly with a single tap.

★ Call or SMS contacts
Search for contact on the go and perform any function which you want. Send SMS or whatsapp contact easily or view the contact by a single tap.

★ Lite sized app
The app which includes all this functionalities is also compact in size.

Try now! For any queries you can contact us at the given contact email.
Thank you.

What's news

★ Performance improvements
★ Themes and customization options added in Pro version.
★ Auto closes itself after selecting an action [Requested Feature]

Download Smart Finder mod apk

Download apk - 4 MB

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