SleepControl PREMIUM 2.4-premium Apk for Android

The description of SleepControl PREMIUM


Repeting the sessions will allow you to improve your rest with the solutions that SleepControl gives you.

Download SleepControl and start controlling your rest. With the recording we will monitor:

– Number of snores during session.
– Number of possible obstructive apneas.
– Blood oxygen levels.
– Beats per minute.
– Minutes with blood oxygen levels below 90% (TC-90)
– Snores Volume.
– Snores interval.
– Have a graphic of how often and when you snored.


– Connection to a Pulse Oximeter by bluetooth to conduct a POLYSOMNOGRAPHY.
– Obtains information about oxygen blood levels and beats per minute.
– Detects blood oxygen desaturations (which cause apnea micro waking ups) and blood oxygen interval below 90% (TC90)
– Gives more adjusted values of the RISK RATE OF SUFFERING A POSSIBLE RESPIRATORY DISORDER. Follow the evolution and improve it.
– More professional data to help the user to:
- follow the given solutions.
- improve the respiratory disorder.
- know which specialist doctor may check the information obtained.
– Possible solutions to the rate obtained.
– Data history of all the sesssions´analysis with cross-matching of the different periods.
– Cross-matching sensations after each session with he moon phases to obtain improved results.
– NO Snores system with vibration and sounds.
– Alarm clock
– Relaxing sounds before sleeping.
– Elements for each session (weight, sedatives, alcohol,etc) and remedies taken (new pillow, devices, etc) which could affect the quality of your rest.
– EpWorth test.
– Waking up sensations (5 levels) and explanatory text for each session.
– Moon phases.
– Share your session results trough e-mail for external analysis.

For this version you can have our Oxymeter :

Start today to know you better and improve your rest!

What's news

Fix Bugs in Android 9.0

Download SleepControl PREMIUM

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