Sleep as Android: Smart alarm (PREMIUM) 20231023 Apk for Android

The description of Sleep as Android πŸ’€ Sleep cycle smart alarm

Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings.

Sleep as Android is a swissknife tool for your sleep.

Enjoy 2 weeks premium then keep freemium or upgrade.



βœ“ 12 years experience

βœ“ Validated algorithms

βœ“ Get to bed on time with Bedtime notification

βœ“ Smart wake up feels natural!

βœ“ Sonar contact-less tracking: No need for phone in bed!

βœ“ AI-powered sound recognition: Anti-snoring, Sleep talk, Sickness

βœ“ Nature sound lullabies

βœ“ Sleep respiration analysis with low breath rate alarm

βœ“ Lucid dreaming, Anti-Jetlag...


βœ“ Alarm clock with all the features

βœ“ Gentle alarm sounds

βœ“ Spotify songs or playlists

βœ“ Sunrise alarm

βœ“ Never oversleep again: CAPTCHA tasks, Snooze limit


βœ“ Sleep Score: deficit, regularity, efficiency, phases, snoring, breath rate, SPO2, HRV

βœ“ Trends, Tags, Chronotype detection and Advice

βœ“ Privacy first


βœ“ Wearables: Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch, Wear OS, Galaxy/Gear (Tizen), Garmin (ConnectIQ), Mi Band + Amazfit + Zepp (needs 3rd party app), Polar (H10, OH10, Sense), FitBit (Ionic, Sense, Versa), PineTime, Pebble

βœ“ Spotify

βœ“ Smartlight: Sunrisewake up with Philips HUE, IKEA TRΓ…DFRI

βœ“ Automation: IFTTT, MQTT, Tasker or custom Webhooks

βœ“ Services: Google Fit, Samsung Health, Health Connect

βœ“ Backup: SleepCloud, Google Drive, DropBox

Quick start

Video tutorial



Permissions explained

See how we do contact-less sleep and breath tracking with Sonar

How we designed our neural networks for sleep sound classification

Watch our latest smartwatch integration progress
Wearables and Wear OS

We integrates with Wear OS and many other Wearable platforms (Garmin, Polar, FitBit, Galaxy Watch, Zepp,Mi Band...). You can install Sleep as Android on your watch and use its sensors for more precise sleep tracking. On Wear OS you can use a Wear OS Tile to start / stop or pause sleep tracking and check you progress without the need to interact with your phone.

Accessibility Service

The app features a series of alarm tasks called CAPCTHA which make sure you do not oversleep. Completing tasks like sheep counting, math equations or scanning a bar-code on your toothpaste will make sure you are fully awake and ready for your morning.

To make sure you won't sleep through your duties the app may use an Accessibility Service to prevent you from force stopping the app or turning off the device (cheating) before completing the alarm tasks (CAPTCHA). No private information are collected.

Device Admin

This app may use the Device Administrator permission.
The reason is effective CAPTCHA (a feature to make sure you wake up in the morning) so you cannot avoid alarms by uninstalling the app during an alarm.

Health disclaimer

Sleep as Android is not intended for medical use, but instead to improve general fitness and well-being especially in terms of better sleep. Any oxygen saturation tracking is performed with compatible oximeter devices such as the TicWatch 3 Pro, BerryMed oximeters... more at

Many thanks to our users for using and supporting this apps!

What's news

We are constantly improving this app with several updates monthly. Bringing timely fixes and new features you ask for. Detailed release notes at:

Download Sleep as Android πŸ’€ Sleep cycle smart alarm mod apk

Download apk - 36 MB
Download zip - 11 MB

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