Radio Alarm Clock – PocketBell (PRO) 2.3.6 Apk for Android

The description of Radio Alarm Clock - PocketBell

With PocketBell, the day starts with good music - with your music!
The alarm clock skips unnecessary frills, is ad-free, and has been optimized for intuitive operation.

Key Features Overview

• Radio alarm clock with 8200+ stations worldwide
• YouTube Video Alarm function
• MP3 playback for custom wake-up sounds
• Motion control (shake, flip) for effortless deactivation
• Vibration alarm
• Gradual alarm for gentle awakening
• Repeated alarms
• Countdown to the next alarm
• Snooze function: Delay the alarm by a few minutes
• Skip alarms once
• Timer / Countdown alarms
• Radioplayer mode (continue listening in the morning)
• Widgets: PocketBell Monitor, PocketBell Radio
• 12-hour / 24-hour format
• Color schemes & Day/Night mode
• No advertising!

Your Morning - Your Music

Let yourself be awakened by your favorite radio station or your MP3s!
With a simple swipe, you turn your alarm clock into a radio.
If your station is not yet included, let us know here:

Experience the start of the day with acoustic and visual impressions from the latest YouTube videos.

Intelligent Motion Control

Magic is in the air when a simple movement of your device deactivates the alarm.
Flip, shake, or just lift - and the alarm clock responds!
Motion detection allows for moving, turning off, or muting the alarm.

Always Keep Your Alarms in View

With PocketBell, you decide how and where you want to be informed about upcoming alarms. Your alarms appear
• on a timeline directly on the homescreen (PocketBell Monitor Widget)
• on your lock screen (optional)
• as a notification (optional)


POCKETBELL MONITOR gives you a simple overview of upcoming alarms.
Control your alarm clock directly on the homescreen. One alarm - Countdown shows you how long "your night" still lasts.

POCKETBELL MONITOR the Online Stream Radioplayer offers radio not only for waking up!
Thanks to the built-in sleep timer, there is now music for falling asleep too.

No Ads, Thank You!

PocketBell remains ad-free. Unfortunately, some radio stations play short product placements at the beginning of the stream.
PocketBell has no control over that! Just try your favorite station...

PocketBell PRO

In this alarm clock, some settings are pre-defined in the free version.
In the PRO version, snooze time (15 min.*) and max alarm duration (3 min.*) can be adjusted.
NOTE: In Radioplayer mode, radio streams can be listened to without time restrictions (also in the free version)!

*) Standard values of the free version

Note on Alarm Accuracy

• On Sony devices with STAMINA mode, PocketBell must be listed in the apps that can also access the network in standby mode. (for radio / YouTube alarms)
• Ensure that permission has been granted to send messages even in "Do Not Disturb" mode (Priority Mode). Please check the system settings for notifications.
• Ensure that all Battery/Power Optimizations for the app are disabled. Otherwise, the alarm may be triggered with a delay.

What's news

UK: BBC Radio 1/2/3/4/5/6,
DE: SWR 2/3, NDR 2, bigFM,
AT: Rock Antenne, Mein Kinderradio, Arabella Wien, Radio Flamingo

Notification display, Issues on Android 8, BT issues

Download Radio Alarm Clock - PocketBell mod apk

Download apk - 7 MB

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