Photo Editor Pro – Filters, Sticker, Collage Maker 4.7.7 Apk for Android

The description of Photo Editor Pro – Filters, Sticker, Collage Maker

*** if your money has been refunded and or the app has been removed from your phone:

* I'm very sorry about this issue please forgive me also you send your order id for get free promotion code and download the app for free, Also If You are still dissatisfied or unhappy about this issue or in total; You Can Email me..

* Please, to know how long take to receive your money, Please Read "Refund timelines" section in the site below:

Refund timelines:

* If You have not received your money after the date stated above link, You can get help from Google support page about this issue and or report your any problems and or send your any questions to my email address.

Google support page link:

My Email:

* New user will not be accepted so app price has increased.

* Photo Editor Pro is a powerful editor with many amazing effects and filters!
Photo Editor Collage Maker is an easy to use and powerful photo editor and collage maker!

The photo editor is one of the best photo editing tools for quick, easy, and powerful editing on mobile devices.
It provides a certain quality and a wide range of photo effects to your images.Use your imagination - to create a masterpiece!🎉🎉🎉

** Application Rules :

* Please Note: If our apps It was not efficient for you or not work well for your you, Please "Do not submit on review" You can Send your order ID/Number to my email addresses and we'll consider it and Refund Your money.

** Reply - Refund Issue: (Must be read before or after purchase):

We can't reply your emails because more of them is personal problem and that problem is not for everyone, also it's impossible to send updates to solve personal problem for this reason we ask you to only if our application is not usable and tolerable for you and because we can not solve your problem for the reasons mentioned, you can email us your purchase order number/id to refund your money.
So we will only respond to emails of refund and we apologize everyone for this issue.

* Please note beforehand or after purchase that this application is valid for at least 6 months and up to 1 year after your purchase date!
This may be extended, but you should know it for a maximum of 1 year,
However, no additional charges will be charged for this extension.

* The app may not work well for everyone or every device at anytime!

* The app is not complete and also may be have problems or bugs at now and or in the future.

* Screenshots and Header and Description may have apparent and functional difference with the app. Also, the app may not work for a specific country!

* We may not be able to respond to some emails and comments.

* If You find something bug in the application and it is not tolerable for you, you can refund your money by send your order id if you bought the app or use the similar application in store if you downloaded it for free.

* 11-13 Section:
The Stickers problem is not solved by me and is not solvable by me, so the price of the app has been changed from 3.99 to 2.99, if you have a problem with this section and it is important for you, you can refund your money by send your order id to my email address.

* You can get help from the site below and copy the text of the app details or app description and What's new and then translate into your local language.

Translation site:

My Email:

** Your purchase is as approval of the application rules

Download Photo Editor Pro – Filters, Sticker, Collage Maker mod apk

Download apk - 10 MB

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