Onetap Glitch – Photo Editor (FULL) 1.2.0 Apk for Android

The description of Onetap Glitch - Photo Editor

have you ever seen some glitch photo effect, maybe in movie poster or book cover?
usually it was made in photoshop with some complicated steps.
but with this glitch photo editor, you can edit your photo into glitch art in the easiest way possible.

glitch photo editor will allow you to choose between some kind effect such as
- RGB shift : allow you to shift rgb from photo to create amazing glitch shade effect, it consist of six different effect.
- Scatter : allow you to move small portion of the photo left or right, it is controlled by your touch.
- Wave : kind of like scatter but with sinusoidal wave shape making your photo looks like profesionally edited.
- VHS : add vhs camera effect on top of photo, with several white line. it consist of 2 type, uniform vhs and semi-random vhs.
- filters : it has 2 category of filters, duotone and vintage. you can choose several options which one is suitable for your image.
- overlay : enable you to overlay your photo with another photo. with that you can create something like light leak, or rainbow effect. we have several default image for you, and you can also choose overlay image from gallery. the blend type is also has several options, like Screen, Overlay, Linear Burn etc.
- text : add text on top of photo. you can make the text appear behind you by masking capability.
- adjust : fix your photo by changing contrast,brightness, and saturation.

glitch photo editor can export your image to gallery, or share it to other app like instagram, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, etc.

What's news

- bugfix image rotation

Download Onetap Glitch - Photo Editor mod apk

Download apk - 4 MB

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