Nativox: your english tutor 1.8.4 Apk for Android

The description of Nativox: your english tutor

Frustrated of not understanding native speakers? Tired of not being understood well in english? Do you think a tutor would help you? If so, keep reading, this is for you.

We all know that the best way to speak well a language is by imitating the sounds, words and sentences. Right?
Just like babies learn. That is because by repetition is how we learn the rhythm and pattern of the new language.

And we designed Nativox to help you do that in a fast manner. Nativox is your english personal tutor in your phone. A tutor that will improve your pronunciation and accent with video, voice recording and active feedback.

About Nativox

Nativox comes organised around thematic packages: day to day english, business english and specific topics so you can choose the one that can help you most at this moment. In each package you will find 50-70 videos with real life sentences to practice your accent and also learn about vocabulary and verbs of that topic.

You'll learn and practice real situation sentences that you can use everyday. People around you will be able to understand you with no problem.

You can complete each package in 1-3 hours depending on your level and the difficulty. For each sentence you'll need to reach at least a 70% of accuracy to pass it. Remember, repetition and internalising are the keys to learn correctly and fast

With only 15 minutes 2 or 3 times per week you'll see how your accent improves a lot after a month. We recommend you to use the calendar reminder.

How the video sentences works

For each video you'll have to follow these steps

Not only with your ears but with your eyes, see how she says it and the representation of the melodic line of the sentence. You'll see where to pronounce stronger or softer and where to put silences

Record your attempt:
Now record yourself speaking that sentence, better if you are able to do it without reading it, thats the way we learn as babies.

Listen what you said to check how you said it, realice any mistakes that you might do. This alone will help you a lot to correct and speak much better
You'll also get a score that determines how well you said it, to pass the sentence you'll need to score at least a 70%, and it's not that difficult once you practice

What did you just say? Learn what it means in your language if you haven't understood yet. If you are able to learn how to say before you know what you said, your brain will pick the intonation of the language faster.

About the intonation, pattern and melody of the language

Each language has its own particular sounds and its own intonation patterns. Recent studies have shown that the improvement on pronunciation alone helps you to be understood a 30% better, however, improving the intonation or the patter or the language can help you up until 70%. Thats why we made Nativox this way, so you can understand those patterns fast, learn them and practice them until you speak like a native.

You can do with Nativox in hours what it can take months with no training.

Why don't you try it now?

TIPS to make the most of it

-Learning languages is not really fun, specially if you do it with books. What determines if you'll improve is if you stick to the habit of learning. Nativox is no different. Nativox will help you to learn fast, but you'll have to do the job. We encourage you to use the calendar and make it an habit.
-When using the app be in a quiet environment, specially when you record your voice
-Use Head Phones with microphone whenever possible. The audio you hear and record will be much better
-Practice at least 2-3 times per week 15 minutes. Use the Calendar to remind you to practice
-Keep Notifications activated
-Repeat the sentences until you are confortable and are able to articulate it with no problem
-Provide us with feedback if something is not working well.
-If a video is too difficult, don't worry, skip it and come back later. You don't have to be perfect, you have to be good enough.

What's news

-Multiple improvements
-Fixed tablet aspect

Download Nativox: your english tutor

Download apk - 5 MB

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