My Daily Planner: To-Do List 2.1.4 Apk for Android

The description of My Daily Planner: To Do List, Calendar, Organizer

Plan your days, calendar, tasks, and ToDo's with our easy-to-use but powerful "My Daily Planner" App.

- Calendar
- To-Do List
- To-Do Reminders
- To-Do schedule
- Organizer
- Usual and repeating tasks
- To-Do tracker
- Home widget

Organize your life with our application to increase your productivity and effectiveness!

Many people plan their days, weeks, or months with paper to-do lists or paper calendars. Our electronic organizer is simple and easy to learn. Our application has very useful calendar. You can create a task with reminders very quickly. Organize your To-do schedule with our To-Do Manager and Tracker.

By dividing the task into subtasks with reminders, you remove confusion and can easily keep track. You can use sub-tasks in our daily planner. Manage your day and projects easily and intuitively.

We developed our organizer for maximum effectiveness. So you can create repeating tasks and reminders in our To Do List. View everything in the calendar view. Manage your progress and track statistics. Plan your day easily with the daily planner. Organize your To-Do schedule. Schedule repeating tasks easily-- weekly or monthly.

For example:
If you go somewhere each week on the same day of the week-- like if you go to the gym on every monday, wednesday and friday-- you can easily schedule those reminders. It similarly works with things like monthly payments.

If you have to-do lists from different areas of your life-- for example, school, work, home, etc. you can use folders to organize your to-do lists.

Home Widget
Our To-Do planner has home screen widget to organize your time! Plan your tasks and To-Do reminders from your home screen without opening the app!

View tasks with calendar in week and month mode. In our To-Do schedule and daily planner we show color coded statuses. Green color - all to-dos are completed. Yellow - has completed and uncompleted tasks. Red color - to-do list items are not completed. It is also simple to create reminders.

If you want to check your progress in your To Do Planner and To-Do schedule, it is available in the statistics section. You can view count completed and uncompleted tasks, in summary format.

Auto Backup
Your data on to do planner, calendar and to-do list is always private and is not stored on our servers. You can backup your data to your own private Google Drive account or locally on your phone. You can transfer your tasks on new device or restore data after clearing a phone. You can set automatic backups also so your data is always backed up.

Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of the app. Calendar has beautiful design and a dark theme available. We have another colorful themes.

Rather than repeatedly having to move incomplete tasks to a future date, we added auto move function. All unfinished task from to do list can be automatically moved on next day. You won't spend time on moving to-dos-- to-do Calendar and Organizer will do it automatically.

To-Do Schedule
We automatically sort to do list by time. You can sort high priority tasks with colors. Simple and functional calendar allows you plan time effectively.

What's news

- Introducing NOTES! Quickly write and save dated notes. New icon on bottom navigation bar.
- Muted all ads, reduced frequency of ads for free users

Download My Daily Planner: To Do List, Calendar, Organizer mod apk

Download apk - 28 MB

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