Magnifier Glass Camera – Best & smart Magnifier (PREMIUM) 1.0.4 Apk for Android

Magnifier Glass Camera Cover

The description of Magnifier Glass Camera - Best & smart Magnifier

The Magnifier Glass Camera app was originally written for my little brother. My brother is near-sighted, so he has a lot of difficulty observing things and things in the distance. And especially in learning, I cannot clearly see the writing on the board or on the projector.

After using my brother effectively, I think the app should help more people. And so Camera Magnifier - The best & smartest magnifying app is born.

This app turns your device into Magnifier with camera zoom, autofocus and LED flash. When you want to zoom in on small things and text, the Magnifier Camera is the simplest, most effective solution for you.

Smart magnifying glass - microscope camera is an efficient application designed for people with low vision making it easier to see text, images and small objects. With the use of this magnifying glass app, you can also check many other things like facial wrinkles, lines, cracks and many other vagueness points on the image. This application is best suited for those who do welding work.

When you forget to bring your glasses off, or at any time need to use Magnifier Glass Camera - The best & smart Magnifier to read tiny font text, to read books, to read business card OR to carry big magnifying glass plus magnifier camera to analyze every printed text OR to read small text stories in the book OR having problem of using big magnifier zoom & microscope camera to observe tiny insects in the laboratory or to use big magnifier glass & magnifier mirror to watch movies or take photos,

Magnifier + Flashlight includes the following main highlights:
- Autofocus
- LED flash: Brightness flashlight turns your phone device into led flashlight to magnify small photos with full focus. Flashlight is always turned on when starting the application. However you can change it in settings of magnifier camera with light.
- Magnifier zoomer: Magnifier can zoom in and out of the captured image on the app screen.
- Take photos: Easily take photos of exercises, documents, objects ... and save to the phone library. For easy and proactive review when needed.
- Photos: Browse the saved photos, you can share or delete them.
- The camera magnifying glass has 2 color modes: original color, negative color, which simplifies colors to easily find and observe the shape of objects.

A few examples of using Magnifier Glass Camera - Best Magnifier & Smart Magnifier application in everyday life:
- Read Restaurant Menu by smart magnifier.
- Read Medicine Vials Label.
- Read documents, business cards or newspapers without glasses.
- Check the serial number from the back of the device (WiFi, TV, washing machine, DVD, refrigerator, etc.).
- Change backyard lights at night.
- Find things in your wallet by camera eyepiece magnifier.
- Can be used as a Microscope (for smaller and smoother images, however, this is not a real microscope).
- Observe objects, small animals.
- Easily find objects in the dark.
- Use as a flashlight: you will get the brightest torchlight with magnifying glass microscope camera.

Magnifier Glass Camera - Best Magnifier & Smart Magnifier app is a completely free Android application.

Download and use Camera Magnifier - The best & smartest Magnifier in everyday life. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. Our email address is [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks very much!

What's news

Magnifier Glass Camera - The best & smart Magnifier version 1.0.4
- Text magnifier
- Search for objects in the dark
- Observe small objects, objects, and animals
- Support for people with weak eyes and nearsighted people
- Support learning when looking at the board, on the projector

Download Magnifier Glass Camera - Best & smart Magnifier Mod Apk

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