Huge Lock Screen Clock 1.4.13 Apk for Android

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Overview Information
NameHuge Lock Screen Clock
RequiresAndroid 6.0
GenreLock Screen

----- Important!! -----
If you purchased the app, but are unable to download it, try closing and reopening the PlayStore, or canceling the download and trying again.

This is a huge digital clock for your lock screen, the biggest! It reproduces the fabulous display of a digital clock. The design is customizable. It works on any device, including tablets.

The Huge Lock Screen Clock has two modalities: it can show the huge clock in the lock screen, or it can show the huge clock when the display is turned off.

• It shows an extra-large digital clock in your lock screen.
• You can add a PIN or a pattern to unlock the screen.
• Ad-free.
• The clock size can be adjusted.
• You can add the weather information on the screen.
• It can show the day of the week and the date.
• GMT and language can be manually set.
• Clock font and color are customizable.
• The clock format can be set to h24 or h12. It is automatically detected at the first launch.

This app includes a security system based on a personalized PIN or a pattern. However, the only lock screen that is 100% sure is the native one of your device. Actually, a lock screen as sure as the native one doesn't exist, it is simply not possible (be wary of what you can find on the Play Store).

If there is any problem, instead of give a bad review, please send me an email. I will try my best to resolve any issue! 🙂

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