Shopping list one-handed easy: BigBag Pro 11.6 Apk for Android

The description of Shopping list: BigBag Pro

Imagine you need to finish your shopping trip quickly to get out of a crowed store. Your hands are busy with a heavy shopping cart and picking up items in shelves. It would be great if your shopping list app not only saves you from forgetting what need to buy, but is also easy to use with just one hand. That is exactly the way of BigBag works for you in the shopping trips:
- The screen is always on so you don't have to bother to wake it up every times.
- You can accidentally touch many places of the screen without problem because actionable buttons are in safety places but easy to reach with your thumbs.
- You can easily track bought items, update cart total within the screen without need to open a window or another screen.
- You can arrange items by aisles and shopping path to save time of going around and around.
- You can save your loyalty cards with barcode to scan at the cashier and say goodbye to heavy plastic cards.

You need serious tools πŸ›  for shopping and are not satisfied with simple applications. You also care about privacy and data protection. You also care about privacy and data protection. You're looking for an app with a long life support. BigBag πŸ›οΈ is for you because it has all serious shopper need:

βœ… Shopping list to remember everything you need to buy, plan where to buy and keep track of the total amount of your shopping cart.

πŸ₯« Pantry list to manage the items you have in the pantry, fridge, to remind you what to refill and what will expire.

πŸ₯£ The Recipe book to keep your favorite recipes with customized ingredients that meet your family taste. You can put the ingredients to a shopping list to prepare your next meals.

πŸ’³ Card wallets: To digitize your loyalty cards with barcode so you can get rid of heavy wallets filled with plastic cards.

πŸ—„Data backup (only avaiable in Pro version): Your data is backed up and safely protected within your phone storage. You never have to worry about data loss.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ³ Since over 3 years, we have always kept BigBag reliably serviced, always ready to support and will continue to do so. You can trust BigBag completely in the long run.

πŸ‘ BigBag is made with love, users love BigBag because the following amazing functions:
- A excellent shopping list with Editing and Shopping modes separated: The handy edit mode to plan your shopping strips. The shopping mode is optimized for shopping situations in the stores.
- History list: Remembers entered items for repeat purchase,
- Text import: Quick add items from text of a list,
- Drag & Drop: Reorder and change item's categories by drag & drop,
- Swiping: Swipe item to the left for deleting or the right for snoozing,
- Quick set quantity: Set needed quantity of item directly in the list view,
- Categories: To group items by categories, arrange items by shop aisles,
- Screen turned-on: Keep screen turned on while shopping,
- Multi-lists view: Mix some selected lists to view at one time,
- Color lists: To mark items by list's color in multi-list view,
- Share: Share list with other apps,
- Get shared: Import shared lists from other apps,
- Backup data: Backup data within your phone storage, keep your data safe,
- Dark theme: Reduce eye strain at night,
- Sorting: Sort list items alphabetically or by group,
- Coupon: Never forget coupons & promo codes,
- Photo: Remember product to buy with picture,
- Widget: Quickly view shopping lists on home screen of your phone.
- Cloud sync: Synchronize your data for use across multiple devices.
- Barcode scanner: Quickly save your card code and ready for scanning in stores.

We cannot explain all the beautiful features of BigBag by words, please download and experience BigBag for yourself.

You can downloading Pro version or try BigBag free without ads at:

What's news

Fixed bug: app crashes on Android lower than 7.

Download Shopping list: BigBag Pro

Download apk - 14 MB

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