Green Timesheet – shift work log and payroll app (PRO) 1.27 Apk for Android

The description of Green Timesheet - shift work log and payroll app

Green Timesheet is an easy way for shift work tracking, payroll (regular and overtime hours, extra pay for night work, customizable extra pays and deductions, auto breaks, piecework calculator, taxes and payouts) and business expenses tracking.
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Green Timesheet emphatically replaces a paper or spreadsheet for you.

If you’re small business owner you’ll be able to:
→ keep track of work hours (shifts, absences) for multiple employees;
→ automatically calculate shift pay;
→ do payroll for the period;
→ share with employees a pay check;
→ get analytical reports of the work time and earnings;
→ track worktime balance in the real time.

If you’re shift worker, you’ll be able to:
→ keep track of your working hours (multiple employers);
→ automatically calculate shift pay and payroll for the period;
→ quickly enter the shift by templates;
→ customize extra pays and deductions;
→ share with employer a time sheet or paycheck;
→ surely plan your expenses as you know how much paycheck will be;
→ keep your bosses honest with catching payroll mess ups;
→ track worktime balance (overworking or underworking) in real time;
→ prepare and approve expense report (with scans) for business expenses reimbursement;

Timesheet is based on entered work shifts and time records. Shift logs the workday in the timesheet by shift types (day, night... – customizable list ) and projects (workplaces, kind of work and etc.). Breaks can be auto-calculated.

Time record logs vacation leaves, sick leaves, business trips. This is customizable list.

The app tracks worktime balance based on planned and actual duration of shift.

Timesheets can be exported to the spreadsheet and shared with employer.

Use shift templates and widgets for fast entering. There are opportunities to track the shift with handy time tracker, attach scans and documents.

★Payroll calculator.
Pay period may be weekly, monthly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly.

The app performs automatic calculations for work shift:
→ regular pay (based on hourly rate of employee);
→ overtime pay (for shift, week or pay period), compatible with California Overtime Laws;
→ extra pay for night work (shift differential);
→ piecework pay;
→ user defined extra pays and deductions;

You can customize extra pay and deductions. The app provides calculations by flat rate, hourly rate, multiplier for hourly rate, unit price for piecework. Conditions by day of week and time may be applied for calculations.

Enter extra pays and deductions manually to log vacation pay, sick pay, union fees and etc.

To calculate net pay, you should define list of taxes (Federal Income Tax, Medicare, Social security and etc.). The app calculates tax withholding by percent of income . You can mark non-taxable types of income.

Enter payout for pay period to view unpaid balance. The app automatically calculates beginning and closing balances.

Pay slip can be exported to the spreadsheet and shared with receiver. Use reports to analyze earnings by pay periods.

★Easy expense reporting.
You can track mileage, tips and other business expenses to compose and submit expense report. Reimbursable expenses can be viewed in the paystub. You can also attach scan or capture the receipt.

Leave paper and go Greenish with Green Timesheet.
Use the app as salary calculator, wage calculator, work hours calculator or mileage log.

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