Game Guardian 101.1 Apk for Android

The description of Game Guardian

Game Guardian is a great software for hacking Android games that you can use to easily hack Android games in a simple environment! Using this program, you will be able to easily increase money, blood and other items related to Android games in a fake way, and somehow capture the fashion of Android games. This software, which requires rooting your Android device to hack games, allows you to increase money in a very simple environment; Gives blood and other items. I really decided to include a video tutorial on hacking games with this software, it was so easy to work with the program that it was not worth preparing screenshots and additional and time-consuming explanations, and I decided to describe in text and in the tutorial. ! Yes… After installing the Game Guard software, the software icon will be added to your mobile home screen, click on the icon, run it! To hack games, run the game you want. In the game, you encounter number variables (for example, for coins, the number may be 500). You will click on the Guardian icon at the same time as you run the game, and by pressing the SEARCH button in the program, you will search for the number 500 to reach different variables, and you will be able to increase or decrease.

Some features of Android Game Guardian application:

Simple user interface without any difficulty
No need for special knowledge or coding
Hack games by pressing just a few simple buttons
Very small volume with simplicity of software

Game Guardian application has not been released in the Android Market due to violation of Google rules, but in a move we decided to introduce it to you, dear Game4n users, and we hope it will be useful. You can always download the latest version of this program from this page from Game4n and hack games as easily as possible.

Note: Game Guardian software can not hack online games such as Clash of Clans. Please do not ask questions

What's news

  • - Added support for Qword in XOR key.
  • - Added support for hexadecimal constants in ARM (x32) assembler.
  • - Added support for decimal constants in ARM (x64) assembler.
  • - Updated translations.

Download Game Guardian mod apk

Download apk - 20 MB

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