Fingerprint Scanner Tools (PRO) 1.70 Apk for Android

The description of Fingerprint Scanner Tools

Fingerprint Scanner Tools is an Android App that makes it possible to execute certain actions when you touch your fingerprint scanner and your device is unlocked.

New: Swipe actions!

Famous actions that can be executed:
* Open app-shortcut
* Execute a Tasker task
* Toggle the quick settings/notification panel
* Launch the default camera app
* Start the flashlight
* Launch a certain app
* Turn off the screen (3 different methods)
* Take a screenshot

Swipe actions:
Same as above


Q: Why is my notification bar expanding so slow?
A: This is a bug in Android 6.0. Please try this workaround:
Enable developer options
In Developer Options go to "Animator duration scale" and set it to 0.2x (you can set it also to 0, then it is going down super fast)
Lock and unlock your device for it to take effect

Q: Why am I unable to unlock my device with my fingerprint after locking it with the action "Screen off" and "DeviceAdmin"?
A: Please use another screen off method, you can choose it in the app. Android prevents us to unlock the device with the fingerprint when it has been locked with the so called DevicePolicyManager. They said that they don't want this feature to be misused.

What's news

Updated app to work on latest Android version (9, Pie)
Many fixes

Download Fingerprint Scanner Tools mod apk

Download apk - 2 MB

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