فانوس ، حسابداری شخصی و مشاوره بورس | Fanoos PFM 4.0.1 Apk for Android

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The description of فانوس ، حسابداری شخصی و مشاوره بورس | Fanoos PFM

You are in a better financial position with the lantern ...

The lantern shows you the up-to-date value of your currency, gold and stock assets and its changes

Fanoos Personal Accounting helps you in buying and managing stocks for free by analyzing Codal Bourse.

You can see all the up-to-date information on the country's bank loans in the Fanoos application.

The lantern automatically records your expenses and income, manages them intelligently, and finally gives you economic offers.

Fanoos Personal Accounting gives you interesting and useful reports. For example, how much did you pay for gas last month or how much did it cost you to go to the cafe?

Lantern Financial Management compares your expenses with those of other people and tells you how much or how much you have spent or saved.

In the lantern, you can set a budget ceiling for your expenses so that as you approach this ceiling, a budget alert will be sent to you.

Fanoos is owned by Tejarat Electronic Tejarat Farda in cooperation with Ayandeh Bank and Finotec, which has successful experience in providing financial and banking services.


Important features of Fanoos personal accounting application:
- Free Analysis of Codal Stock Exchange
- Compare financial habits with other users
- Assist in personal accounting, investment and stock management
- Ability to register and view the current value of assets (currency, stocks, coins, gold, bank accounts, etc.)
- Automatic registration of expenses and income by reading bank text messages
- Reminder check, installment, debt and demand
- Automatic backup and download of Excel output
- Provide unique economic offers
- Ability to add categories and personal tags and report them
- Security of financial information and the need to define a password
- View all transactions and account balances for free

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