balad 4.60.2 Apk for Android

The description of بلد – نقشه و مسیریاب فارسی

Balad is a speaker map and navigation that helps you find the best route for inner-city and extra-urban travel and choosing the best place for fun, excursions, services, and more. With Balad, you will not have to worry about getting lost and not finding the address, you will not be stuck in traffic and fined because Balad, the police, the accident, the speed camera, the accelerator and all the accidents will warn you accurately and instantly and offer the best and The fastest routes will be with you. In addition, the smart voice assistant reads the names of all the streets and alleys to minimize the need to look at the phone screen. Balad shows you all the addresses and up-to-date information on more than 1 million points on the map.

other facilities:
Complete and detailed map with the ability to search and view complete information (including exact address, phone number, working hours, etc.) for more than one and a half million public places (gas and gas stations, restaurants, government counters, banks, etc.)
Ability to search by voice, without the need for typing
Intelligent routing considering traffic plan, air pollution reduction plan (even or odd)
Display building license plates for more accurate location (suitable for drivers of Internet taxis and motor couriers)
The latest and most up-to-date metro map showing the arrival and departure times of trains at each station
Combined routing by bus, metro and taxi for routing by public transport
Air pollution display layer
Accurate location detection with GPS and the ability to share locations
Possibility of user participation in improving roads and reporting route events
Ability to add a middle destination (for example, to find gas stations around the route)
Ability to search for information on roads and routing to all cities and even all villages

Balad is a dynamic and live map that more than a few thousand public places are added daily, with details such as phone, working hours, social network addresses and various images with the participation of users, which has made it the main source and reference for searching public places. . You too can be added to the thousands of users who know Balad today, and if there is no point on the map or the information is wrong, add or correct it!

What's news

  • 🌏 In this version, you can publish the list of places saved in Beled and make it available to other users
  • (For example, you can create and publish a list of places to visit in Shiraz and help users who want to travel to Shiraz)
  • 🌏 Improved reception of GPS information
  • 🌏 Solving problems with images of places
  • Download بلد – نقشه و مسیریاب فارسی

    Download apk - 16 MB
    Download apk - 16 MB
    Download apk - 16 MB
    Download apk - 16 MB

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