BadeSaba Persian Calendar 13.1 Apk for Android

The description of BadeSaba Persian Calendar

A very useful calendar for all iranians and prayer lovers that also can represent date in lunar and gregorian.
*capability of showing Prayer times and playback AZAN for all Muslims.
*With a beautiful graphical navigation on the calendar.
*With exclusive and highly useful and beautiful widget.
*Each calendar date conversion (solar (jalali), lunar, and gregorian) to another.
*Display the national and religious events of the selected date in the calendar.
*Ability to add notes for each day.
*Options to select the muezzin for playback AZAN.
*Options for select algorithm for computing legal times.
*Display the current date, current time, legal times (morning, sunrise, noon prayer, sunset, sunset prayer and religious midnight) and displays the time remaining until the next legal time in widget

What's news

  • Redesign and improve the charity user experience
  • Redesign and improve the user experience of occasions
  • Redesign and improve the user experience of saloons
  • Redesign and improve the user experience of the countdown counter
  • Improve the user experience of the qibla
  • Add intention and province to charity
  • Expand the cities covered in the climate sector
  • Update of the lunar calendar and the solar calendar of 1401
  • Fixed some reported bugs and improved app performance
  • Download BadeSaba Persian Calendar

    Download apk - 16 MB

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