Auto Silent Mode (PREMIUM) 3.2.1 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Auto Silent Mode

IMPORTANT: Some phones (such as the latest Samsung Xiaomi Huawei...) are outfitted with a battery optimizer/saver/manager that is designed to kill all background tasks immediately or after a while.
To let the app work properly please go to your Android settings and add Auto Silent Mode (ASM) to the list of applications that should not be optimized.

How to deal with (known) Battery savers?

In Android settings > Device Maintenance > Battery add ASM to the list of Unmonitored apps

Huawei (depending on models)
In Android settings > Advanced settings > Battery Manager add ASM to the list of Protected Apps
Battery > Close apps after screen lock uncheck ASM from the Lock screen clean up

In your Security app: Battery % > App battery saver select ASM then No restrictions
In your Security app: Permissions > Autostart then allow ASM to be started.

Asus (Zenfone)
Open your Auto-start Manager and allow ASM to be started.

In Android settings > Battery > Menu > Aggressive Doze & App Hibernation check ASM to exclude it from the optimised apps.

Open your Xmanager app Auto-start manager and allow ASM to be started.

Please contact me through the app to extend this list.


Do not be disturbed and bothered anymore by annoying incoming calls text messages notifications as you are working studying having a rest enjoying time off…

Whoever you are whatever you do decide when you want to be reachable and keep stress away by scheduling and customizing your daily silent periods both in your personal and professional life.

Convenient user-friendly app Auto Silent Mode is your new smart personal assistant for screening your calls and stopping all unwelcome sounds from your phone while keeping available for your favorite contacts through a white list.

In the blink of an eye Auto Silent Mode easy programming on a week-to-week basis will help you be more efficient and relaxed all through the year.

Main Features

- Silent mode scheduling: block unwanted sound except alarm and selected callers.
Android versions up to 5.1: Toggle between Normal and Vibrate/Silent modes.
Android 6 and above: Toggle the Do Not Disturb mode (DND).

- White list: selected callers that can pass through the silent mode.

- Call blocker: block phone numbers by defining your blacklist from call log.

- Widgets to get quick access to the silent and vibrate modes of your phone. Enable the do not disturb mode of your phone for a given period in one click.

- Calendar sync: Once synchronized with at least one of your Google calendars Auto Silent Mode automatically mutes your phone during some specified calendar events.
These events are not added to the schedule of Auto Silent Mode.

- Single silence: set unique silent period for exceptional event.

- Customize your silent profile also through Wi-Fi Bluetooth…

- Application theme can be set at your convenience.

- Available in 14 languages.
If your native language is missing and you're interested in translating the app do not hesitate to contact me.

*** Limitations of the basic version
2 silences per day
2 contacts in white list
2 contacts in black list
Calendar sync: 7-day trial period
Widget: 7-day trial period

For an unlimited app please upgrade to the Premium version.

What's news

*** Version 3.x:
Android 9 support
Google account calendars synchronization to mute chosen events
New Premium widgets
Schedule your silent periods from the day and week views

*** Version 2.x:
Suspend silent mode through silence notification.
Choose between normal and vibrate ring mode for white listed calls and SMS.
Emergency calls feature to let repeat callers pass through the silent mode.
Silent and Vibrate modes can be selected for each scheduled silence.

Download Auto Silent Mode mod apk

Download apk - 3 MB

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