Auto Silent Mode – Automatically Silence Phone (PRO) 1.0 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Auto Silent Mode - Automatically Silence Phone

Auto Silent Mode - Automatically Silence Phoneautomatically switches to silent mode between a given period of time. You can set a phone silence scheduler and repeat it as you want. Are you annoyed about switching your android smartphone from silent mode to general mode and vice-versa? Are you always embarrassed due to your ringtones at certain places when you forget to enable the silent mode in your smartphone whether you are in class or in a gym or in a mosque? If yes, then we have a solution. Auto silent phone app lets us create the timing list which will be automatically enabled your mobile phone silent and vibrate mode.

Feature of Auto Silent Mode - Automatically Silence Phone:

# Automatically phone silent at a particular place.
# After a particular time duration phone is automatically set in general mode.
# You can send a notification for silent and general mode apply.
# Repeat silence and general mode feature for a particular day in a week or every day.
# You can set a reminder on a particular place.
# Set general mode when reaching home.
# Turn on wifi when a user reaches home.
# When the user sleeping, the phone automatically silent.

Auto silent mode - automatically silence phone is provided a simple user interface and silent timer app. This app will mute your phone and auto vibrate mode added and also silent mode switcher switches back to ringer mode automatically. You can select days in the week for which you want can edit your give schedule and profile at any time. You can auto repeat the same silent profile on different days and multiple profiles can be added at different times. You can manage various profiles at the same time. The auto silent scheduler is used to namaz scheduler silent pray scheduler namaz time scheduler pray time scheduler.

Auto silent mode - automatically silence phone comes with an extremely friendly user interface that's really easy to use. Set the start time field to silent and end time field time to un-silent the device for each prayer and enable the functionality by ticking the checkbox-which will be disabled by default. The device will automatically switch the mode. It can silence the phone for the night and during office hours, meetings or calendar appointments. You can enter the times manually or let the application import the times from events and appointments in your calendar.

Your phone's ringer will be on mute automatically only when those times occur. You can also use this app to put your phone to silent mode when you enter a specific location. Your phone's ringer will be automatically restored to normal mode when you leave that location. When the user comes out of the Important place and again forget to switch on or un-silent the phone and miss out important calls or messages. By having this app on your android phone you will get rid of this tension. Users only have to set the time only once to silent and un-silent the mobile and get a sigh of relief.

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Download and give us a review of Auto Silent Mode - Automatically Silence Phone.

Download Auto Silent Mode - Automatically Silence Phone

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