Auto Optimizer Apk for Android

The description of Auto Optimizer [Trial] - Booster , Battery Saver

Make your smartphone more useful.

[Main Features]

πŸ’‘ File Manager
Easily manage files and secure storage space.

πŸ’‘ Process
Automatically terminate background processes based on set conditions.

πŸ’‘ Connection Control
Automatically disconnects some connections while the device is sleeping.

πŸ’‘ Auto restart
Automatically reboot the device at the specified date and time.

πŸ’‘ Auto terminate processes
When the specified application is launched, background processes are terminated.

πŸ’‘ Device Information
Displays detailed information about the device.

πŸ’‘ Memory Information
Displays available/used memory in the status bar or overlay.

πŸ’‘ Battery Information
Displays battery level, charging speed, and detailed charging history.

πŸ’‘ CPU Information
Displays CPU usage rate.

πŸ’‘ App Information
Displays detailed information about the apps installed on the device.

πŸ’‘ Auto-rotate Control
Enable Android's auto-rotate function only when the specified app is launching.

πŸ’‘ Rotation Control
This function allows you to set the screen orientation for each app.

πŸ’‘ Video Enhancer
Changes the screen brightness when the specified application is launched.

πŸ’‘ Touch Block
Disables tapping in the specified range at both ends of the screen.

πŸ’‘ Split Screen
Makes it easy to use Android's screen split function.

πŸ’‘ Screenshot
Automatically cuts off the notification bar and navigation bar when screenshots are taken.

πŸ’‘ Clipboard
Clipboard that can be displayed on top of other apps.

This app uses accessibility service.
To close the notification area.
To automatically click the airplane mode switch in the quick panel.
To automatically click the restart button.
No data is collected, stored, or transferred.

What's news

  • - Fixed bugs.
  • Download Auto Optimizer [Trial] - Booster , Battery Saver mod apk

    Download apk - 29 MB

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