Allcalc Geometry 1.4 Apk for Android

The description of Allcalc Geometry

The application contains more than 800 formulae integrated in 144 calculators.

The program calculates the following: Area, Volume, Angle, Diagonal, Altitude, Radius of Inscribed Circle, Radius of Circumscribed Circle, Cathetus, Hypotenuse, Radius of Circumscribed Sphere, Radius of Inscribed Sphere, Side, Median, Bisector, Area of Base, Area of Surface, Area of Axial Section, Area of Lateral Surface, Area of Edge, Side of Base, Perimeter, Perimeter of Base, Radius, Edge, Face, Apothem, Arc, Tilting Angle of Face, Tilting Angle of Edge, Tilting Angle of Generatrix, Angle between Diagonals, Arc Length, Cone Angle, Midline, Diameter, Сircumference, Chord.

Two-dimensional figures: Circle, Rhombus, Triangle, Rectangle, Trapezoid, Square, Parallelogram, Ring, Sector of Ring, Segment of Ring, Ellipse.

Stereometric figures: Cylinder, Cube, Sphere, Parallelepiped, Pyramid, Prism, Cone, Tetrahedron, Truncated Pyramid, Truncated Cone, Octahedron.

Download Allcalc Geometry

Download apk - 2 MB

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