Talking Alarm Clock Beyond (UNLOCKED) 4.8.5 Apk for Android

The description of Alarm Clock Beyond - Talking Alarm, Radio & Music

What better way to motivate you to wake up than with the spoken time, and an optional message to remind you of the day's important tasks! All completely customizable.

★ Alarms can be one-time, repeat weekly, or a specific date in future (January 1, 2024? Sure, why not!)

★ Direct Boot Support - alarms are reactivated immediately after reboot before unlocking (API 24+)

★ Many ways to stop alarms to ensure you wake up - math, captcha, shaking, walking and more

★ Wake to the music of your choice - ringtone, music, song playlist, or online radio

★ Unique alarm music: we've included 17 FREE sounds you can use, or search your device for a ringtone or song

★ Mayday Mode: like having a back-up alarm that ensures you get up by a specific time. It transforms your alarm into a LOUD alarm that can only be dismissed - making sure you get up!

★ Ok Google: set your alarm/timer via voice with Ok Google

★ Backup: automatic backup and restore

★ Alarm options: dozens of ways to customize your alarm. Each alarm has its own settings that can be changed without altering other alarms - plus default alarm settings for each new alarm


Alarm options include:

✔ Alarm label: shown in alarm list and spoken with the alarm as an added reminder

✔ Alarm type: one-time, weekly repeat, or a specific date in the future

✔ Sound type: ringtone, music, song playlist, or online radio

✔ Alarm volume: override the system volume with your volume preference - plays during do not disturb as well

✔ Prevent lowering volume: great option for heavy sleepers (or disable if you prefer)

✔ Volume crescendo: gradually increase the alarm's volume over a period of time

✔ Speak time: say the time after your alarm starts and repeat at an interval of your choice

✔ Snooze options: choose your snooze method, snooze duration, maximum # of snoozes, and auto-snooze duration (or disable snooze altogether)

✔ Dismiss options: similar options to snooze available

✔ Vibrate: enable or disable vibration during alarm

✔ Weather: see the current temperature and conditions on the dismiss screen

✔ Upcoming alarm notification: be notified before your alarm goes off

✔ Delete after dismissed: you can choose to delete an alarm after it has been dismissed

✔ Copy/Reset/Preview features: allows you to easily manage and test your alarms

And much more! Plus, many new features being developed.

What's news

★ Android 12 support
★ New: Calendar alarms can now be repeated on a daily interval
★ Time-picker: better initial time, and fixed bug entering time with keyboard
★ Added 'Current Alarm Details' at the top of the alarm stats screen
★ Error resolution strategies improved
★ Danish and Norwegian added - now supporting 22 languages!
★ Many other minor improvements

Download Alarm Clock Beyond - Talking Alarm, Radio & Music

Download apk - 19 MB

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