Adguard Full (PREMIUM) 4.0.66 Apk + Mod for Android


The description of Adguard Full

The spread of the Internet and easy access to it has caused profiteers to create unconventional advertisements to earn money or to extort money from users by stealing their information! In addition, there are many fake sites that by entering them and making any transaction, all your bank card information will be stolen and your account balance will be emptied in a short time. If you want to be safe from all possible dangers while browsing the web, unlike other users, then follow us. Adguard Premium Unlocked is a unique program with support for special capabilities in the field of blocking ads and threats, which brings a unique web browsing experience to its users. This software can be considered as an advanced combination of anti-advertising system, privacy protection and parental control, which is unique in its kind and has many users in various operating systems. Just install and run the program so that all your activities are monitored in the background and you are notified if you see any suspicious items.

Some features and capabilities of Adguard Android application:

Smart ad-blocking system without the need to root
Protect users against phishing and dangerous websites
Check all web pages in real time to be aware of threats
to your privacy by changing the IP and blocking cookies
Super system Parental Controls to Prevent Children from Accessing Malicious
Websites Automatically Identify and Block Immoral Websites

The Adguard app has been released as one of the top security apps on various platforms for various operating systems, which is why it has not been published on Google Play, but its collection of millions of users around the world is a sign of its unique capabilities. It is considered that now you can download the latest premium version of it without any restrictions from Game4n website.

Mod info

Knightley mode version features:

Premium / Money Features Unlocked.
Unwanted licenses + recipients + providers + services removed;
Optimized and zipped graphics and cleared resources for faster application loading;
Debug code removed;
Remove the .source tags of the corresponding Java filenames.
Analysis disabled;
The native Sentry code has been removed and disabled.
Disable startup page;
No patch mark;
Languages: Multiple languages;
CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_x64;
Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
Signature of original package changed;

Mod version features:

Based on the default Knightley mode;
Optimized and zipped graphics and cleared resources for faster loading - [11.68 MB total apk size];
Ultra-tight packaging;
Encrypt all sources;
Languages: En, Ru;
CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
Signature of original package changed;

What's news

  • [Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.8.188;
  • [Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.8.223;
  • [Other] Cannot start google drive downloads with VPN enabled;
  • [Other] Update DnsLibs to 1.6.52;
  • [Fixed] «Adguard Service» causes ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH on some sites in Chrome;
  • [Fixed] Adguard can't filter sites with "Let's encrypt" certs anymore on Android <7.1.1;
  • [Fixed] Apple Mail iCloud account switched offline;
  • [Fixed] Downloads slowdown if the server uses HTTP / 2;
  • [Other] [macOS] AdGuard VPN does not connect on IPv6-only network;
  • [Enhancement] Add SNI scanning option for QUIC;
  • [Enhancement] Compatibility with iCloud Private Relay;
  • [Enhancement] Do not hardcode excluding AdGuard VPN package from filtering;
  • [Enhancement] Figure out why some rules haven't been parsed successfully;
  • [Enhancement] Implement safebrowsing protocol v2 instead of the current async implementation;
  • [Fixed] $ domain modifier works incorrectly alongside with $ removeparam modifier;
  • [Fixed] Allow to apply $ removeparam rules to all resources;
  • [Fixed] App exclusions does not work when Adguard for Mac is active;
  • [Fixed] CL does not trust certificates from the login and System keychains;
  • [Fixed] CL reports incorrect errors on duplicate rules;
  • [Fixed] Exclusion with `~ third-party` modifier does not unblock when element removed from HTML;
  • [Fixed] JD app is broken by CoreLibs v1.8;
  • [Fixed] Main frame is blocked by basic URL blocking rule or $ removeparam rule;
  • [Fixed] Some: xpath rules do not work;
  • [Fixed] cannot load messages;
  • [Other] Version 7.7 nightly 8 is no longer filtering ads;
  • [Other];
  • [Enhancement] Add SNI scanning option for QUIC;
  • [Enhancement] Add $ denyallow modifier;
  • [Enhancement] Add $ redirect-rule modifier;
  • [Enhancement] Add $ removeheader modifier support;
  • [Enhancement] Add '$ specifichide' modifier to disable specific element hiding and CSS rules;
  • [Enhancement] Add a "noop" modifier `_`;
  • [Enhancement] Add an option to send GlobalPrivacyControl's Do-Not-Sell signal to Stealth Mode;
  • [Enhancement] Add full regex support for $ network rules;
  • [Enhancement] Allow `*
  • [Enhancement] Filter lists downloader module;
  • [Enhancement] Improve the way negation works for $ redirect rules;
  • [Enhancement] Rules with "$" in path do not work;
  • [Enhancement] Split proxy session module into processing filters chain;
  • [Enhancement] Update $ removeparam syntax, add $ queryprune as an alias;
  • [Enhancement] Use $ domain modifier for target domains only in non-domain rules;
  • [Fixed] CSS rules with url should not be allowed;
  • [Fixed] Conflict with Sophos Endpoint Security and Control;
  • [Fixed] Crash in AGNEVpnRouteResolver :: refreshRoutingTable ();
  • [Fixed] FTP pages are broken;
  • [Fixed] Nightly 16 crashes constantly;
  • [Fixed] Rule with $ important modifier should have higher priority than rule with $ all modifier;
  • [Fixed] Unable to view original certificate for IP site;
  • [Fixed] Userscript exclusions do not work as they should;
  • [Fixed] Valid rules do not pass validation checks;
  • [Fixed] Whitelist in parental control does not work;
  • [Fixed] [min-length] is not working in HTML filtering rules;
  • [Fixed] is broken;
  • [Fixed] is broken;
  • [Fixed] - HTTPS filtering issue;
  • [Fixed] is broken in Firefox;
  • [Fixed] - page cannot be loaded completely;
  • [Fixed] is broken;
  • [Other] "obtainCertificate failed" when key does not match CA;
  • [Other] AdGuard fails to launch itself on the system startup;
  • [Other] Add filter localhost option on Mac;
  • [Other] ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on some websites;
  • [Other] Improve invalid CA cert or key detection;
  • [Other] Local proxies are not filtered on macOS 11.3;
  • [Other] Rules with $ extension modifier unblock blocked requests;
  • [Fixed] - HTTPS filtering issue;
  • [Enhancement] Add $ dnstype modifier support;
  • [Enhancement] Add missing DNSCrypt info in DNS stamps of platform adapters;
  • [Enhancement] Add proxy settings for DnsLibs;
  • [Enhancement] Add sdns URL prettifier;
  • [Enhancement] Always use the local DNS resolver announced by DHCP for all queries ending with the primary DNS suffix;
  • [Enhancement] Return unique error code when any of listeners failed;
  • [Enhancement] Route the DNS traffic directly when the outbound proxy is dead;
  • [Enhancement] Support DNSSEC field for DNS log;
  • [Enhancement] Truncate reply to size expected by client;
  • [Enhancement] Update DoQ support to draft-ietf-dprive-dnsoquic-02;
  • [Enhancement] Upgrade to QUIC version 1;
  • [Fixed] "ttp" rule would block access to many domains;
  • [Fixed] AdGuard DNS crashing after waking MacBook Pro up from sleep mode;
  • [Fixed] Crash when parsing an invalid SDNS stamp;
  • [Fixed] DNS Protocols will not work with VPN;
  • [Fixed] DNS-over-TLS upstream hangs on closing;
  • [Fixed] Failed to bind fd to interface;
  • [Fixed] Increase DNS timeout for DnsProxy.testUpstream;
  • [Fixed] SERVFAIL / timeout issue on iOS;
  • [Fixed] While on IPv6 connections, AdGuard for Android fail to connect to DNS-over-QUIC servers that are only accessible over IPv4;
  • [Other] Add method for retrieving DnsLibs version;
  • [Other] DoQ does not work with QUIC version 1;
  • [Other] Use a realtime monotonic clock for QUIC idle timeout;
  • Download Adguard Full Mod Apk

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